'Nobody Knows/Keep Calm & Carry On' Music Video

Client: Moon Bride

Director: Daniel Rosenberg

Performer: Carly Kotula

Costume Designer + Hair/Makeup: Victoria Singleton

Assistant Director: Pat Kotula

Filmed at NODA Art House,

Charlotte, NC

Art Direction +

2D & 3D Design


"The music video is a medley featuring not one, but two songs off of Moon Bride’s latest album, Insomnie. Staying true to the album’s theme of restlessness and awakening, “Nobody Knows / Keep Calm and Carry On” visualizes a woman breaking free from the mundane to find a world in technicolor, but no more answers than questions. The eccentric, retro-pop soundtrack quickly turns from a Judy Garland-style lullaby to an upbeat, rockabilly-grunge ballad with nods to Weezer and The Pixies."

Our inspiration came from MGM musicals, fashion photography and designers such as Man Ray and Pierre Cardin, and UFO enthusiasm. The video is an anachronism, combining a retro aesthetic referencing many periods in American film and television. We achieved this on an incredibly small budget and even smaller crew.

Acting as art director for this music video, I was involved in pre-production, on-set guidance, and post-production. My responsibilities included storyboarding, prop sourcing, directing our costume designer during pre-production, shot composition, and 2D + 3D design and animation.

A side-by-side of my storyboards, alongside VFX breakdowns showing the final compositions.

A designer first in my professional life, I contributed a combination of 2D and 3D motion graphics. This let me play in Blender to create neon signs for some of the more involved visual effects shots.