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Nat & Lo's 20% Project
2015-16, Google Creative Lab

I worked on episode graphic visualization and social outreach.

Dark Igloo

As an Eskimo, I animated for brands such as ADC Young Guns, Giphy, and Dig Inn.

The Republic Collective: New Frontier
2013, SPILLT

Creative Direction: Ryan Bramwell
Producer: Beth Mack
Character/Design/Animation: Zoë Lotus
Design/Animation: Daniel Rosenberg
Animation Direction: Brian Long

The Observer

Completed for my B.F.A. in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Writer: Daniel Rosenberg
Narrator: Tamina Rashell

Monster Designers: Zoë Lotus, Paige Money
Animators: Zoë Lotus, Paige Money, Rachel Proctor
Technical Director: Daniel Rosenberg
Composer: Arkae Tuazon
Sound Designer: Nate Fillers

- SCAD's Animation Senior Graduation Show, May 2013
- Savannah Film Festival, Student Categories, October 2013


Zoë Lotus Heatwole started drawing somewhere in the northeastern US and never stopped.
She learned how to animate in what was once a coffin factory.

She has worked with some neat places like Dark Igloo, SPILLT, and Google Creative Lab. She's on WorkingNotWorking.

She is ½ of BOTANICAL, and colors a comic called Spookwood: Mystery Files.

You can contact her at
Yes, Zoë is available to pet your dog.

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